Attention! The Most Collectible Military Swiss Made Fake Watches UK For Sale Of All Time

There’s a certain romanticism surrounding issued military watches, the origins of which are difficult to articulate. In our digital age, part of the romance must stem from the way that many of these high quality replica watches were constructed—they were analog things with mechanical guts, and to use one required interfacing with it, either via the crown or from physical movement. Put it in a drawer and forget about such a watch, and it would, in turn, forget to do its job.

Another part of this romance concerns the nature of their conception: In certain cases, an arm of a particular country’s military would put forth a tender with requirements for a specific type of timepiece that would do a specific type of job. Multiple companies might answer such a tender with their own entrants, and the best would be chosen by the military and issued to its soldiers. Now this is a purpose-built tool — the type of thing that seems so rare in an era in which an Amazon search yields, quite literally, countless results for any and all products, many of which are of questionable quality.

But the real draw of military fake watches UK wholesale —or mils spec watches—is one that’s harder for many collectors to own up to. Such a collector will hold an issued watch from the Second World War, or from the Six-Day War, or from Vietnam, and think two things: “What did you see?” and more importantly: “Will I ever do anything as important or as brave as the person who once wore this watch?” Of course, said soldier could very well have sat on their rear end “flying a desk,” but the lack of certainly is part of what makes a mil-spec watch purchase exciting. The only thing that makes one more exciting is confirmed provenance.

To be fair, there are myriad reasons for purchasing an issued military watch: Some people are drawn to their history; others simply like their aesthetics. And some do indeed engage in a kind of private cosplay, one in which they might mentally embody the person to whom the watch was issued, but without having to stick their head out of a foxhole and risk a first (and last) encounter with a 120mm mortar round. To each their own.

What is certain is that, for many collectors, mil-spec watches represent a highly compelling niche within a niche. There’s something about the pared-back, utilitarian aesthetic of a military timepiece that is accidentally beautiful. Even in the 2020s, as vintage watch collecting has reached a fever pitch, many such perfect replica watches—especially rather small ones—are still eminently affordable. But the rare stuff, the more robust stuff, the stuff with recognizable names on it? Those things are museum pieces now—the type of fare that haunts the dreams of Indiana Jones.

What follows are a few of the rarest, most sought-after, most expensive mil-spec watches in the world. And while it’s by no means an exhaustive list, it should whet your whistle for the big old world of military best copy watches—a fascinating subset of horology and a rabbit hole from which few return without a newfound appreciation for purpose-built design.

Replica Breitling Reference 817 CP-1 Watches

Of course the Italians would commission one of the handsomest military watches of all time. The AAA 2024 fake Breitling ref. 817 “CP-1” watches, for “Cronometro da Polso”, was said to be issued to both helicopter pilots and paratroop officers of the Battaglione Paracadutisti Carabinieri Tuscania. Housed in a 39.5mm stainless steel case and featuring a rotating timing bezel, this gorgeous 1:1 China super clone watches housed a hand-wound Valjoux 236 movement feeding a dual-register chronograph on a matte-black dial with luminous Arabic indices and a luminous sword handset. Produced in a run of perhaps 500-1,000 examples, some were sold as military surplus in 2016 with their original, Japanese-made expanding steel bracelets. If you can snag one of these, consider yourself one lucky collector. Price: ~$15,000

Fake Omega Seamaster 300 ref. ST 165.024 W10 Watches

Launched in the 1960s, the best quality replica Omega Seamaster 300 reference 165.024 watches updated the 1957 ref. CK 2913-1 with twisted lugs, a wider, fully hashed timing bezel, and a 42mm diameter case. Issued to British forces between 1967 and 1971, this diver found its way onto the wrists of Army personnel under the “W10” designation, and Royal Navy personnel under the “0552” designation. Mil-spec versions are further different from civilian versions given their circled “T” tritium dial; fixed spring bars; broad arrow hands; and caseback markings. Finding one in good condition with said marking intact is a tough proposition—finding one with other forms of provenance such as documentation and pictures is even tougher. Price: ~$45,000+

Rolex Mil-Sub Submariner 5517 Replica Watches

In the early 1970s, Rolex was contracted to produce special versions of its Swiss movements replica Rolex Submariner dive watches for the British Ministry of Defense for issue to the Special Boat Service and Special Air Service. The military required specific adjustments to the Sub’s design: A fully hashed bezel with 60 minute demarcations; a set of enlarged, luminous sword-shaped hands for excellent visibility underwater; fixed spring bars that could only take a one-piece strap; tritium lume as indicated by a circled “T” on the dial; and more. Roughly 1,500 examples are known across three references: 5513, 5517, and the “double-reference” 5513/5517, and each one is a horological grail. Price: ~$250,000

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