Introducing Swiss Made Replica Omega Speedmaster UK 50TH Anniversary Gold Hippocampus

  • Best Fake Omega Speedmaster Professional 50th Anniversary
  • Reference 311.
  • Case Diameter: 42mm
  • Movement: Caliber 1861
  • Production: 2007
  • Limited to 5957 pieces

In 2007, perfect UK sale replica Omega celebrated the 50th anniversary of their world-renown chronograph rather extensively. Besides the limited edition (1957 pieces only) fake Omega Speedmaster 50th-anniversary reference 311. — a watch powered by the hand-wound caliber 3201 with Co-Axial escapement, which also featured an enamel dial — Omega also released a 42mm replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch 50th anniversary model. Limited to 5957 pieces, the main difference with the regular replica Speedmaster Professional 3570.50 was the gold-colored Hippocampus logo and the “50th Anniversary” text on the dial.

The case back is the standard one, featuring the signature “flight-qualified by NASA” engraving, but with “limited series” and the watch’s number out of 5957 also engraved on the case back’s bevel. People often ask why there’s a fake “Seamaster” logo on the back of the perfect replica Omega Speedmaster. The logo may look like a seahorse but is, in fact, a “Hippocampus”. A half-horse half-fish creature from Greek mythology where legend has it, a group of these beasts pulled Neptune’s chariot. The use of the logo comes from the fact that Omega used it to indicate that a watch was water-resistant. A little bit confusing, as the logo is quite indicative of the Seamaster line, and to make matters worse, the standard perfect Speedmaster Professional replica isn’t even that water-resistant. But in 1957, any bit of water resistance was more than welcome and proudly indicated, and so the logo remains to this day.

Somehow, the best UK sale replica watches aren’t incredibly well-loved, or at least it wasn’t for a long time. Prices have gone up a bit in the past few years, but this increase seems to be on par with the “standard” inflation of prices. On average, pre-owned models can be found on offer for €5,000 to €6,000, as always, depending on the condition. Just make sure everything is there when buying one of these, like cards, certificate of authenticity, and the black box with red cardboard outer box.

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