UK High Quality Replica Omega Watches Welcome Summer In A Sea Of Blue

Omega’s Seamaster line can be traced back to 1932, when the Swiss watch brand rolled out the Omega Marine – the world’s first divers’ watch for non-professionals. When it was officially launched in 1948 to mark Omega’s 100th anniversary, the perfect UK replica Omega Seamaster watches was marketed as a combination of technology and elegance that could be worn to “town, sea and country”. But in 1957, with the Seamaster 300’s release, the collection came into its own as the choice of undersea adventurers.

On the wrists of British fighter pilots, navigators and soldiers, Omega’s oceangoing icon has seen action in World War II. Many models have since appeared in exciting new designs, offering innovative technologies and deeper water resistance. Along the way, the Seamaster has played a key role in ocean exploration and conservation.

This year, the collection with the seahorse logo celebrates its 75th anniversary with seven new Seamaster models – 11 luxury fake watches in all. Dials in different shades of summer blue reflect their level of water resistance – from the light top surface where the Aqua Terra is found aboard yachts and sailing vessels, to the darkest bottom of the sea where the Ultra Deep has made its historic explorations.

All the Swiss made replica watches are powered by Omega’s Co-Axial Master Chronometer movement, which is certified for precision and anti-magnetism by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS).

Seamaster Ploprof

First unveiled in 1971, the Seamaster Professional 600 or Ploprof as it’s better known (the word comes from PLOongeur PROfessionnel, French for professional diver), is among the most distinctive dive copy watches for sale in the market – thanks to a tough monobloc case that not only gives it a unique look but also makes a helium escape valve unnecessary, even at 1200 metres underwater. Regarded as one of the most robust and innovative dive watches ever made, the Ploprof had earlier helped French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau and underwater research company COMEX in their deep-sea experiments.

The AAA online replica watches’ iconic monobloc case is fitted with the famous screwed-in crown and the characteristic security pusher at 2 o’clock, which in this 2023 version sports a blue ceramic ring. A perforated blue rubber strap completes the 70s look. The new model is crafted in O-MEGASTEEL – a proprietary alloy five years in the making that’s twice as strong as conventional steel against stress. The dial is a sunlit summer blue and the sapphire-crystal bezel ring mirrors the chemically reinforced monolithic crystal used in earlier Ploprofs. This transparent crystal, varnished blue on the back, reveals a light blue diving scale beneath.

Price: S$20,000.

Seamaster 300 Oceangoing Professional

Though this latest model has inherited the key features – an easy-to-read display and exceptional water resistance indicated by the Naiad star set in the crown’s logo – of the original launched in 1957, it’s equipped with Omega’s modern METAS-certified Co-Axial Master Chronometer movement. As its name suggests, the Swiss movements fake watches is water-resistant to 300 metres. The Seamaster 300’s 41 mm symmetrical case and crown in polished and brushed stainless steel is matched with a steel bracelet.

Price: S$10,400.

The Seamaster Diver 300

The Diver 300, made famous by celluloid spy James Bond, also has a water resistance of 300 metres. Yet, unlike the Seamaster 300, this model first released in 1993 is explicitly made for deep-sea adventurers. The 2023 super clone watches has a helium escape valve and its blue ceramic bezel reveals a distinctive diving scale. The skeletonised hands and boldly raised indexes also bear the marks of a diving watch. These are set against a summer blue enamel dial and coated with Super-LumiNova that glows in the dark. At 42 mm, the Diver 300 is a wee bit bigger than the Seamaster 300 – and can be worn with a steel bracelet or blue rubber strap.

Price: S$8,800 (bracelet), S$8,300 (strap).

Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep

The 1:1 replica watches that broke the world record dive when it went to the deepest end of Earth, the Mariana Trench, the Ultra Deep is water-resistant to 6,000 metres and has all the requirements of a saturation diver’s (divers who work deep underwater) timepiece. The watch is understandably large, with a 45.5 mm case in robust O-MEGASTEEL. Its lacquered finish dial, produced by letting an ocean of lacquer flow across the dial, has a beautiful sense of depth – a nod to the mysteries of the deep.

Price: S$18,200

Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m

It’s everything its name suggests. The Planet Ocean is very much at home in the sea and can dive 600 metres deep underwater. This model, which has a 39.5 mm case and bracelet in stainless steel, debuted in 2005 with an orange bezel and distinctive helium escape valve, taking its design cues from the Seamaster 300. The new best fake watches features a blue ceramic bezel with light blue diving scale encircling a summer blue ceramic dial; its blue hands and indexes are coated with Super-LumiNova.

Price: S$10,400.

Seamaster Aqua Terra

The restrained display of this model, first launched in 2002, recalls the clean lines of the original Omega Seamaster 300 replica watches shop from 1957. Over the years, it’s been given ocean-inspired design touches, like the sailboat indexes and teak-pattern dials reminiscent of luxury yacht decks. The Aqua Terra, which is water resistant to 150 metres, now also acquires a new sunlit summer blue dial encased in stainless steel with a gradient finish. The model comes in a 38 mm and 41 mm case. The first is paired with a polished and brushed bracelet, while the latter a matching bracelet or blue rubber strap.

Price: S$9,250 (41 mm bracelet), S$8,950 (41 mm strap) S$9,750 (38 mm).

Seamaster Aqua Terra World Timer

A travel timepiece which first appeared in 2017, the Worldtimer is capable of telling the time in 24 time zones, including day and night indications. The best quality fake watches, water resistant to 150 metres, is also distinguished by a dial of extraordinary texture and colour, on which is a colourful view of Earth depicting a blue ocean and relief of the continents – all achieved by laser technology. The 43 mm stainless steel watch is available with a matching bracelet or blue rubber strap.

Price: S$14,250 (bracelet), S$13,900 (strap)

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