UK Swiss Replica Omega Speedmaster Racing Co-Axial Master Chronometer — A worthy opponent put to the sword

You know I love Fortis. How could I not? We work together closely and we do awesome work together for the benefit of the whole watchmaking industry. That kind of thing forms a bond between man and brand. But, as much of a Fortis fanboy as I am, I remain a realist first. The sharp end of this contest is no place for a pilot’s replica watch, no matter how sexy the B-42 happens to be.

I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: as the team’s resident Kraken/corrupt competition official, I chose this best 1:1 replica Omega for myself out of all 32 competitors. I did it because I was leaving the role of Managing Editor and no longer felt the paternal responsibility to protect my writers’ feelings by giving them the top seeds as I had done in all previous contests whenever they asked for them. It isn’t so much that I wanted to “win” this contest; I simply wanted to go to bat for the luxury copy Omega I personally believe to be the best-suited to the task.

The real test will come in the semi-finals where another AAA replica Omega Speedmaster UK will surely await. Still, I believe this dyed-in-the-wool racer will make it through to the big dance. At that point, it will have to take out either the cheap copy Rolex Daytona or the Ed White 321 if the big hitters keep swinging. Can it demount either? I’m going to say, YES! But first, sling me a vote so I can get past this worthy competitor, who I must, as much as it pains me, put to the sword once and for all.

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