How Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool inspires UK AAA Replica Breitling CEO Georges Kern

“It’s like a soccer team, you put brilliant people together so at the beginning you have difficulties because you don’t have an automatic way of playing. Look at Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool,” says Georges Kern in reference to his five-year reign (and counting) as Swiss replica Breitling CEO and the brand’s subsequent rise in popularity and coherent direction. “The first season, second season, Klopp was amazing. He put a new team together, a new mentality, but it was the third season when he became champion. Why? Because you have this routine and suddenly you know what the other players in the team are doing. When you have that, when you have the talent and the right tactics to play a game, then you’re used to it, and suddenly you can scale and become a Premier League champion and Champions League winner. This is where perfect fake Breitling UK is now,” adds Kern.

We are speaking the week before high quality replica Breitling and Kern make an exciting announcement around a special landmark for the luxury watch brand. Openly discussing the merits of achieving success in a relatively short period of time – against the backdrop of a global pandemic, Kern jokes that he tends to have all his best ideas in the shower. No doubt this includes his decision to embody top copy Breitling’s aviation history by dressing as a pilot for the launch of the latest Navitimer collection back in March. But when it comes to Breitling’s latest release – the 1:1 fake Breitling Cosmonaute – no intuition or strategy was really required, such is the backstory.

“​​When you’re successful, you need to be lucky also,” says Kern. “We are lucky to have this incredible space story whereby an astronaut asked Willy Breitling to redesign a new dial for a trip to space, because having 24 hours on a dial makes sense for an astronaut.” Of course, Kern is talking about Scott Carpenter’s request – written on NASA letterhead paper no less – to Breitling HQ in 1962 to see if the brand would design a watch for the Mercury-Atlas 7 mission to space. Fortunately, Swiss made replica Breitling UK was able to facilitate the request, returning a watch to Carpenter’s specs and liking just five days before the mission.

“Thank God, Willy Breitling did it because that watch was the first chronograph in space,” adds Kern, celebrating the beginning of what’s now a well-known story for luxury fake Breitling.

Of course, it’s not possible to differentiate AM from PM in space, which is why the watch was designed as a 24hr dial. The tachymeter scale was deemed superfluous and removed and naturally, it came with a stretchy metal bracelet to sit over a spacesuit. Everything else shouted cheap fake Breitling Navitimer but Willy Breitling tweaked the name to be special to Carpenter and the mission – calling it a Cosmonaute.

For the 2022 version, a platinum bezel has been added to what’s essentially a very simple watch to give it a bit more edge. It’s a hand-wound B02 movement, retains many of the original’s characteristics and is limited to 362 pieces to acknowledge the spacecraft’s trip around Earth. Price-wise, it’s £8,700 on a steel bracelet and £8,400 on a black alligator strap.

In another twist, unbeknown to anyone, the original is still in existence and was itself unveiled alongside the new replica watches for sale. After the successful mission in 1962, Carpenter et al caused slight panic when they missed their landing spot by a few hundred miles. They ended up in the sea northeast of Puerto Rico and as a consequence, Carpenter and his Breitling Cosmonaute fake for men spent the best part of 40 minutes in the ocean, with water seeping into the watch.

For this reason, it was sent to Breitling to repair, but instead of fixing and returning it, a new one was sent back to him. Swiss movement fake Breitling kept the original that orbited space, and now 60 years later, it’s having another moment under the sun (less literally this time).

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