Omega Relaunches The Ploprof Replica Watches UK For Sale (With A Monobloc Case)

What We Know

Today we are celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the luxury replica Omega Seamaster collection watches, and Omega has reconceived one certain crazy, destro diver in a very thoughtful way. Say hello to the new and very special Ploprof

The first thing you’ll see is that it isn’t the color palette you’re used to seeing on a Ploprof, and that’s because there is a theme for this year’s launches: all blue everything, but with reason. Each UK AAA Omega Seamaster fake watches you’ll see unveiled today (and there are plenty) will be done in a shade of blue corresponding to its depth capability. Seeing as this one is water resistant to 1200m, the blue on the bezel and the outer portions of the gradient dial are quite dark.

If it’s pops of orange you’re after, you won’t find it on this cool blue Ploprof. But we do maintain classic aesthetic elements, like the sword hand, the massive left-side crown guard, and the helium escape valve.

But let’s talk about the big news: the case and proportions. This high quality replica watches, though visually quite new, is actually a return to classic form for the Ploprof. With its 55 x 45 mm case diameter it now features effectively the same case dimensions as the OG. But that’s not all. This cheap Swiss copy watches also brings back the monobloc case. For those who don’t know what that means, it’s a case that is one single piece, instead of multiple (think screw-in casebacks, for example).

And then to cap it off, Omega is now fashioning the Ploprof in O-mega Steel, a proprietary steel alloy previously only used on the Ultra Deep. This new 75th Anniversary edition Omega replica watches wholesale isn’t playing around.

The return of Ploprof features the METAS-certified Omega Co-Axial caliber 8912 movement, comes fitted to a rubber strap, and will cost $14,300.

What We Think

This is about as esoteric of a dive watch as they come. Its origins are that of best super clone watches meant purely for true professional diving – for those who spent more of their time underwater than above it. Of course, the years have seen it become something of a cult classic. It’s the sort of thing you really have to love to be able to pull off because, well, it’s massive and oddly shaped (to put it mildly).

But I love this release because it showcases what top Omega replica watches does best: balancing the old with the new. In this case, the old is the ’70s-era proportions and the utilization of a monobloc case. Nobody necessarily asked for this, but the brand delivered it anyway. The new is the blue coloration that corresponds with an overall theme that Omega has deployed with the launch of all of today’s Seamaster models (more coverage to come here on Hodinkee). As the second-most capable diver in the lineup, the shade of blue chosen here is quite dark to highlight that fact.

But despite the newness, It is really nice to see the brand maintain things like the large sword-shaped hour hand, and the utilization of a bi-directional bezel. Keeping in line with 75th-anniversary theme, this Swiss movements fake watches will also have a caseback engraved with the Poseidon motif.

Even if this might be the most niche offering released today, it somehow feels like the most exciting – and we can’t wait spend some more time with this new Ploprof.

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