The AAA Best Gold And Platinum Fake Watches UK Released In 2022

In the last few years, I’ve advocated for perfect replica watches in precious metals. Certain steel sports watches have been hyped so much that they’ve become more expensive than their gold and platinum counterparts. That does not make any sense to me at all. Besides this “side effect” of the hype for steel luxury sports fake watches for sale, I also like the warmth and heft of precious metals. Putting on my 220g Omega Speedmaster in solid 18K gold or my yellow gold Rolex Day-Date makes me even more aware that I am wearing something special compared to their steel counterparts (there’s no steel Day-Date, but let’s take my steel Datejust as a comparison, then).

It’s not that I don’t like steel top UK replica watches. On the contrary, I love them, but sometimes gold or platinum adds something extra to the experience of wearing a nice watch. One of my friends, who is a goldsmith and watchmaker, also taught me a valuable lesson a long time ago. Unlike with steel high quality copy watches, you can restore the case or bracelet of a gold watch in a way that it doesn’t show. Sure, they can laser weld steel cases to retain the original shape and dimensions upon refinishing, but it’s much easier to do with gold cases and bracelets.

The platinum Rolex Day-Date 128236 Replica Watches

During the Watches and Wonders show in Geneva, Rolex showed us two new cheap replica Rolex Day-Date watches in platinum. They came in 36mm and 40mm sizes, both with the famous ice-blue dial that’s exclusive to platinum models. But you might be wondering what’s new since a platinum Day-Date has already been in the Rolex catalog for years. In the past, all the platinum Rolex Day-Date models came with a smooth bezel. Together with an ice-blue dial, it was an easy way to distinguish a white gold Day-Date from a platinum version. This year, however, Rolex made a drastic change by adding fluted bezels to its platinum models. Rolex also let us know that creating a fluted bezel from platinum is not an easy thing because of the properties of this material. The price of this luxury super clone watches is on request, but you can certainly expect something around €60K.

Perhaps my favorite new Rolex Day-Date, though, is the 36mm yellow gold 128238 on Sinara’s wrist in the photo above. This watch just features an updated dial, but it does look stunning. I know there’s little new or innovative about these China replica watches compared to some other releases in 2022, but the classics are just hard to beat.

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonshine 310. Fake Watches

Although I listed the 1:1 replica Omega Speedmaster Chrono Chime watches in my article with overall favorites for 2022, I think that the new Speedmaster Moonshine belongs in an overview like this. After the success of the Speedmaster Apollo 11 Moonshine limited edition from 2019, Omega decided to use this precious gold alloy in the regular collection as well. During Omega Days 2022, the brand introduced the Speedmaster Moonshine with a “golden panda” dial (see above) and one in green (click here). Of the two, the panda is my preference. The green is a bit too dark for my taste, but I know that many Speedmaster fans love that one as well. The new Speedmaster Moonshine models are part of the Moonwatch collection and are not limited, but they are definitely not widely available yet. Just like its steel counterpart, this fake watches for men is powered by Omega’s caliber 3861. The retail price of the Speedmaster Professional Moonshine 310. is €32,200.

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