The World’s Thinnest Gold Case Leather Strap Replica Piaget Watches UK

In 1957, Piaget launched the 9P caliber, measuring 2 mm in depth, distinguishing itself in the field of ultra-thin watchmaking. The groundbreaking movement replica Piaget UK were the catalyst in the creation of the Piaget Antiplano ultra-thin watch line, which continues to this day. In fact, the luxury brand spent 2017 celebrating its 60th anniversary of the Antiplano line.

More recently, Piaget, in 2014 launched the 900P Antiplano, using a groundbreaking design and construction process that merged the movement with the case, producing the world’s thinnest mechanical watch with a depth of only 3.65 mm. A year later it introduced the Altiplano Chronograph, the world’s thinnest chronograph.

For SIHH 2018, Piaget will introduce the Piaget Altiplano Ultimate 910P fake watches. At a mere 4.30 mm in depth, it is the world’s thinnest automatic watch. It uses the same design and construction concepts as the Altiplano 900P mechanical watch. Like its predecessor, it combines the technologies and know-how of both of its two manufacturing facilities: La Côte-aux-Fées where the movements are developed; and Plan-les-Ouates, where watch exteriors are designed and crafted. Piaget said the process took three years to complete.

Piaget replica leather strap watches UK.

Everything in this watch is designed to take up as little space as possible. The caseback also serves as the baseplate for the movement components, eliminating a layer of thickness. The small hours and minutes dial is offset at 10 o’clock and integrated within the thickness of the caliber. The 219 movement components are merged within the case, spread out in a semi-circle rather than stacked beneath the dial. All of the movement components are no thicker than the balance wheel. All of the bridges are fitted on the dial side in what the brand describes as “reversed movement construction.”

What is new about this particular watch is the oscillating weight (rotor)—a slender piece of 22k gold with a PVD coating. It is positioned on the exterior of the watch, sliding around the dial and movement and just inside the bezel. Gold is used for the rotor in order to bring weight, inertia and robustness, which enhances winding performance, the company said. While the weight moves in both directions like a typical rotor, the winding mechanism only works in one direction, which again contributes to the watch’s overall slimness.

Leather strap Piaget fake watches UK.

Like its predecessor, the 900P, the sapphire glass is specially engineered to resist bending against the hour and minutes hands if pressure is applied. As an added precaution, the hands are located below the bridges, freeing up space between the cannon-pinion and the glass.

At Piaget, the quest for the thinnest copy Piaget watches doesn’t mean sacrificing style and elegance. Anyone who is a fan of the 900P will also appreciate the Altiplano Ultimate 910P. The only question is what the luxury brand will do for an encore.

The Altiplano Ultimate 910P is available in two models: 18k white gold for $27,000; and 18k rose gold for $26,000.

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