Trying On A 1977 UK 1:1 Fake Rolex Datejust Oysterquartz

According to respected Rolex scholar James Dowling, the predecessor of the Oysterquartz was indeed a Gérald Genta design. Dowling believes that it was Genta who was responsible for the Beta 21-powered perfect replica Rolex ref. 5100 (also known as “the Texan”), the Crown’s first quartz watch. But our own Brandon Baines doesn’t agree, as you can read in his article about Rolex’s “Nautilina”. What is also interesting is that the first Oysterquartz debuted in 1977, and Swiss made fake Rolex UK only stopped producing these watches — which came in several variations but all with an in-house quartz movement — in 2002.

Soulful inspiration
RJ’s luxury fake Rolex Datejust Oysterquartz ref. 17013 in steel and gold is outfitted with the caliber 5035, a chronometer-certified quartz movement that came out in 1977. The movement includes 11 jewels and a 32khz oscillator, and it took top super clone Rolex five long years to develop. There was also a Day-Date version at the top of the Oysterquartz pyramid. All iterations are stunning watches because of their angular-meets-round shape that later served as a source of inspiration for the Tudor North Flag. Furthermore, none of the Rolex Oysterquartz copy watches online have lost their appeal over time.

And the good thing is, if you also believe that quartz replica watches for sale uk have a soul, the vintage Oysterquartz is not as unreachable as a golden oldie Perpetual model. I found a particularly nice two-tone AAA fake Rolex Oysterquartz ref. 17013 with a gold dial on Chrono24 for €5,400, but prices start even lower than that. Could you fall in love with a vintage quartz Swiss movement fake Rolex?

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