UK Swiss Replica Watches Horological Print Ads From The ’90s

Fake Rolex ‘Chuck Yeager,’ 1995
This is the watch advertisement that got me hooked on watches. My first love has always been aircraft, and the second I saw Chuck Yeager, my hero, wearing a cheap replica Rolex GMT-Master I knew it was the watch I wanted. Federowicz has seen thousands of Swiss made copy Rolex ads, and he specifically appreciates that “their 1990s ads feature artists, adventurers, athletes, and other accomplished individuals. Perhaps no brand has used testimonials by professionals and legendary figures better to get people hooked on their brand.”

But that’s always been the brand’s thing. In his book, Selling the Crown: The Secret History of Marketing Rolex, Dr. Brendan Cunningham details how high quality replica Rolex and ad firm JWT recruited top talent from the British intelligence community to join the brand’s advertising efforts right after WWII. Whatever secretive strategy they came up with is working. It’s consistently listed by Forbes as one of the world’s most valuable brands.

Replica Omega ‘Goldeneye,’ 1994
I’m partial to this best 1:1 replica Omega UK. It came to define my early days of watch enthusiasm, and that pre-dates my actually owning the watch. I made the case for why it’s the king of the ’90s super clone watches for sale in a recent episode of Three On Three, and this ad backs that up. The Brosnan Bond may not have aged all that well, but to me, he is James Bond. Too many hours of playing Goldeneye on N64 have programmed me to absolutely love this Swiss movement fake Omega and the ineffable suaveness of the Brosnan Bond.

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