UK Perfect Replica Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M

Back in 2013, I was in Italy on holiday and was very close to pulling the trigger on an AAA fake Omega Aqua Terra. It was an older Aqua Terra model (with the vertical lines on the dial) that the AD in Verona had in their display. The model in question was a Golf Edition with a black dial, green printing, and a fully brushed bracelet. This was the first time a perfect fake Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra had caught my interest, and from that moment on, I have gone back and forth on buying one many times. And I will have one at some point. It’s an incredibly versatile watch, and the one I selected for this Sunday Morning Showdown would be my pick. The Worldtimer version is very tempting as well, but it comes in at €9,600 and has a larger (43mm) diameter. Anyway, I went for the luxury copy Omega reference, meaning it is the 41mm version on a stainless steel bracelet with a blue dial.

Caliber 8900 Master Chronometer
Inside the cheap fake Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M is Omega’s caliber 8900, a METAS-certified Master Chronometer movement. Every Master Chronometer watch, including the movement, is tested and certified by this independent organization. We’ve written about this standard on a few occasions (click here), and it ensures that the super clone watch uk is anti-magnetic to >15,000 gauss and has a maximum deviation of +5 seconds per day on average (+0 to +5 seconds). The movement has a silicon balance spring, a Co-Axial escapement, and two barrels mounted in series, offering a 60-hour power reserve. Not only that, but it’s also a beautiful movement to observe through the sapphire case back.
Whereas Grand Seiko’s automatic movement is a Hi-Beat caliber, the specs on both accuracy and power reserve are lower than those of the Omega replica for sale UK. I also have to admit that I prefer the looks of the Omega caliber 8900. I have a Hi-Beat Grand Seiko watch (SBGJ201) in my collection as well as an Omega with caliber 8900, and I find a bit more joy in looking at the latter.

A great all-rounder
Like the Datejust we had in our Sunday Morning Showdown last week, I think the 1:1 fake Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra is an amazing all-rounder. Whether you’re a watch enthusiast, collector, or just someone looking for a watch to wear for the rest of your life, the Seamaster Aqua Terra is up to the task. The 41mm case is suitable for most wrists, but top super clone Omega also offers this model in a 38mm case (with caliber 8800) if you prefer a smaller watch. And, truth be told, this watch also looks great on a leather or rubber strap. The case with its lyre lugs has mostly brushed surfaces and a few polished parts. I mention this because the Grand Seiko SBGH279 has large, flat polished surfaces on the case. It’s beautiful, and my SBGJ201 has the same, but when those Zaratsu-finished surfaces get a scratch, you’ll be weeping. Although high quality replica watches are for wearing and I don’t mind a few signs of wear, a scratch or ding on a Grand Seiko 44GS-style case hurts nonetheless.

The Grand Seiko and Swiss made replica Omega offer enough water resistance for daily use, including occasional (or daily) swimming activities. The Grand Seiko has 100 meters of water resistance, but the Seamaster Aqua Terra has 150 meters. In fact, Omega fake online uk tests each watch individually and uses a +25% safety margin. No worries about swimming with the Seamaster, as its name suggests.

Dial style
What I normally like about Grand Seiko is the brand’s fantastic dials. Whether it’s the Mt. Iwate, Snowflake, Mistflake, or Birch series, Grand Seiko does a tremendous job there. Compared to those, the dial of the SBGH279 is a tad boring. And not boring in a good way, as Nacho wrote about here. The dial on the high end fake Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra has the typical teak-deck motif and comes in various colors. The one I have here has the blue teak-deck dial with sunburst finishing. The engraved lines bring a lot of depth to the dial, something I am missing on this Grand Seiko SBGH279.

In the Grand-Seiko-versus-Omega debate, it’s no secret that I love both brands. I simply prefer the uk top fake Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra of these two watches because I feel the SBGH279 is nice, but it doesn’t have the typical Grand Seiko dial. The Omega replica watches Paypal win it for me in the dial department but also with its caliber 8900. I think the bracelets of both watches are on par. The case of the Grand Seiko is beautiful, as always, but overall, the design, color, and movement of the Swiss movement copy Seamaster Aqua Terra take the win for me.

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